Truck Robbery in Dothan

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The search continues for a group of thieves suspected of robbing and assaulting four local men at gunpoint.

It happened at around 5 a.m. Wednesday, just down the street from the Dothan Regional Airport, when authorities say a masked gunman approached the men and took the truck.

Right now authorities are looking for two things, the three suspects involved in the heist and a second vehicle they say the thieves used to take their loot from the stolen truck, but for the four men assaulted at gunpoint, say they have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

It was the last thing Jesse Brown thought would ever happen to him as he made his daily delivery. Like he did every other morning, brown, who works for SGI Transportation Solutions, drove his truck down from Birmingham to unload, but when he got to SGI, he had an unexpected surprise from a masked man with a gun.

The masked gunman was accompanied by two other men, and together they tied the four workers up, and took their wallets and cell phones. At one point one of the workers was hit over the head with the gun, after trying to snatch it from the gunman.

When the ordeal was all over, one of the men took the truck, filled with pharmaceutical supplies including several controlled substances, and other things you would find at your typical pharmacy. They then took the truck to the Lighthouse Christian Church located on Headstrom Road.

It is believed that there they transferred five of the eight crates in the stolen truck over to another vehicle before fleeing.

The manager at SGI said, "In my 30 years with the company I've never seen anything like this."

In the end one of the workers suffered minor injuries, but fortunately no one was badly hurt.

Police are now questioning other workers and residents who live near SGI to determine what exactly happened. There are still no leads as to who the thieves are nor any positive identification on the getaway vehicle. However, authorities do say they believe the get-away vehicle may possibly be a large box truck big enough to hold the five crates of merchandise that were stolen.

If you saw anything suspicious on Headstrom Road Wednesday morning around 5:30 a.m., please call your local authorities.