Dothan's Busy Holiday Travel

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It is the busiest travel day of the year and experts say to pack light, pack right, and pack a load of patience because with the unusual weather conditions, most flights could be delayed.

Locally, however, Dothan's Regional Airport officials say we might not see too big of a problem.

Marine Corporal Chester McElderry celebrated his Thanksgiving holiday early in the Wiregrass with family.

Now he is headed back to Iraq and by way of Atlanta's Airport, he's going to be joining the more than 285,000 others who hit Atlanta as a stop-over for their final destination.

Dothan Airport authorities say most of their travelers left Tuesday to beat the 'mad dash' of holiday pandemonium, even if they booked later than normal.

Dothan Regional Airport Public Relations Manager Angela McNeal says, "This year people were booking later and our numbers were not as high as we thought they'd be a couple of weeks ago"

Still there are those 83 percent who rather travel by car. And the falling gas prices have helped.

Regardless of impatience and lots of traffic, the holiday rush is still on.