Fewer Seat belts Worn in Traffic Deaths

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(Dothan, Al)--A study released by the Alabama Department of Transportation reports 59 percent of people who died in traffic accidents last year were not wearing seat-belts.

Statistics show 424 victims were in vehicles where seat belts were available; however 251 were not wearing them. While the report does not list why seat belts were not being worn, Dothan Police say people give many excuses.

"Many people say seat belts are uncomfortable and that they're a nuisance to wear, " Sergeant Jeremy Collins said. "However newer vehicles have adjustable seat belts, and when it comes to saving your life, there's no excuse for not wearing one," he said.

State law requires children between six and 15 to wear seat belts. Children younger than 6 years of age must ride in a federally approved child seat.

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