Holiday Travel

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Millions of Americans aren't letting a bit of bad weather or higher gas prices ruin their holiday travel plans.

Kate Kehoe is braving snow in Michigan to drive from Ann Arbor to Flint. As she filled her tank, Kehoe said she's just "glad gas is not three dollars anymore."

Winter weather is hitting from the Appalachians north across the Great Lakes region, where heavy lake-effect snow is expected in some areas. The snow isn't causing any problems yet today at Chicago's airports, which are expected to handle two (m) million passengers by week's end.

Indiana officials blame snow for numerous accidents, but no serious injuries are reported.

Triple-A predicts more than 37 (m) million people will be traveling for the holidays. Nearly two-thirds of the travelers will be flying.

An airline expert with CheapSeats-dot-com tells Associated Press Radio plane tickets are running "roughly 40 dollars" higher since February. But he says, "That hasn't deterred people."