Dothan Police Investigation

Dothan City Manager Mike West has released his findings related to the ongoing investigation of the Dothan Police Department.

That investigation led to the resignation of Captain Jim Smith in December of 2003 and resulted in allegations against former Police Chief John White.

In a 9-page report released by West, there are several major points.

  • Nno facts or proof pagers were cloned.
  • No evidence credit reports were obtained or reviewed
  • No evidence that police targeted individuals for surveillance
  • No evidence police profiled by race or age

    Regarding cloning and monitoring of pagers, West says there are no facts or proof that the mayor, city commission or other city official's pagers were cloned.

    West also says there is no evidence that the credit reports of the mayor, city commission or other officials were obtained and reviewed.

    He says there is no evidence of police targeting certain elected and public officials for surveillance nor is there evidence that police profiled by race or age.

    The report also states that "very few facts" exists to support accusations brought by former Dothan Police Captain Jim Smith.

    West says the FBI and ABI won't take any action.

    News 4 was unable to talk with West yesterday but hopes to have more on his findings today on News 4.