UPDATE: Duck Hunting Accident Survivors Expected to Be Released from Hospital

UPDATE January 8, 2014

Administrators at Southwest Georgia Academy say Payson Trawick and Thomas Vines are expected to be released from the hospital today.



The body of Matthew Jernigan has been found.

Jernigan, along with two others were involved in the boating accident early this morning at Lake Seminole.

The other two teenagers have been taken to the hospital.

Their condition is unknown at this time.



The other two teenagers have been identified as Thomas Vines and Payson Trawick.

One other, Matthew Jernigan, is still missing at this time.

We will update as soon as more information becomes available.



The missing teenager has been identified as Matthew Jernigan.

He is a Junior at Southwest Georgia Academy in Damascus, GA.

The other two teenagers in the boating accident have been transported to a hospital.

Tune in to News 4 at Five for more information.


WTVY is looking in to a boating accident involving three teenage boys from Seminole County, GA.

Two have been hospitalized and one teenager is still missing.

Matthew Jernigan

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