New Subdivision to Rise in Ozark

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While many homes are making an extended stay on the housing market, one Wiregrass city has more homes springing up.

Officials in Ozark held a ribbon cutting for a new subdivision they say will bring more money to the city.

It looks a little bare right now, but soon, empty land in Ozark, will be filled with homes and residents.

James Reeves said, "I've driven by it a lot of times and through it and it's real pretty, it's real nice, you couldn't beat it."

Reeves was at Monday’s ribbon cutting of the new Avalon Subdivision.

Avalon has been in the making for years and officials say starting the subdivision is a great move for the city.

Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting said, "We've got a good economy in Ozark and things are going real well. So you know, I'm proud of that and this place is going to build up."

Some Ozark residents feel that building Avalon Subdivision will bring in more revenue for the community, which is a good thing, considering the current state of our economy.

"I know that financing homes is hard for everybody, but this is going to change, it's done this, it runs in cycles,” Reeves added. “I've been here long enough to see them, back in the 70s we had the same situation, when money was scarce and everything, when oil went up and so it'll get better and these places will sell out here."

And, that's exactly what many are hopeful will happen.

Avalon will consist of 72 lots and is just one mile from downtown.

Officials say this will be a great opportunity to bring more people to the area and show just how wonderful the small town is.

One home is already under construction. Two others are on the way.

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