Ronnie Gilley Gives Final BamaJam Results

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Big names like Lynard Skynard and Hank Williams Jr. pulled in 111,000 people to Coffee County on a single night. And, adding up three days of BamaJam presented an enormous total.

"The 218,000 was over a three day period; that is how many people passed through the gates,” said Event Organizer Ronnie Gilley. “Some passed through the gates three different times, so you have to take that into consideration."

Many patrons didn’t like paying for their food and beverages with tickets instead of cash, but it was designed to keep crime to a minimum.

"It was going to be much harder for people to steal tickets than swipe cash, and that was the purpose. Larger events are switching to ticket sales now," said Gilley.

Despite the complaints, event organizers rolled with the punches.

A glitch in the VIP seating area was quickly fixed after night one.

After pin pointing these small errors, improvements can be made in time for next year's BamaJam.

"We had too few shuttles out there, but again, we were expecting 20-30,000 people over the weekend, but we had 218,000 through the gates out there. So, shuttle activity will be enhanced next year."

In all, it was a sound event, bringing in that many people and having such little crime.

"It was like community involvement; white people, black people, poor people, rich people. And, that's what we've been saying. Music refreshes the mind, body, and soul."

As News 4 first reported on Friday, Gilley is looking into buying the Dothan National Golf Club and Hotel. We will keep you informed on future developments.

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