Funny Money In The Wiregrass

Counterfeit Bills

Counterfeit money and bogus travel checks have been showing-up on the streets of several Wiregrass and Panhandle towns. But, the problem appears to be worse in Geneva.

Over recent days, Geneva investigators have been given several traveler checks which appear to be on Wal-Mart stationary. But they are bogus, worth nothing.

In addition, there's been several other phony checks which have gone to Geneva residents and businesses. Authorities say much of it is coming from England as well as Nigeria and it has police concerned.

In addition to the phony traveler checks, counterfeit ten-dollar bills have appeared at several stores.

With the upcoming Christmas shopping season, authorities are expecting to see increased scams by criminals attempting to separate people from their hard earned money.

Police also remind people to be aware of the Internet in making purchase transactions. It’s often used to get social security and other key information for identity theft.