Seeking Fertility Help

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It can be frustrating; you try to get pregnant, but just can't conceive.

Don’t worry, you're not alone.

Statistics show more than seven million Americans have difficulty becoming pregnant.

"I do like to remind patients they do not have to jump right to the extreme. There are things they try, products that are designed to educate them, help them learn more about the timing in each cycle that will help them maximize their chances for getting pregnant," says Dr. Shari Brasner, OB/GYN.

There are some facts and myths doctors want you to know.

Fact: Changing your lifestyle can improve your fertility.

Doctors say just maintain a healthy weight, avoid alcohol and quit smoking when trying to conceive.

Also, if you use birth control, doctors say expect it to take at least six months before your cycle goes back to normal.

"There's caffeine and alcohol. There are habits like smoking and even exercise. So, just reviewing some of the basics may be a part of that natural approach in enhancing fertility," explains Dr. Brasner.


If women miss just one birth control pill, she could become pregnant.

Doctors say in theory, this is true, but highly unlikely.

Another myth: You can become pregnant at any time.

Doctors say the truth is, you can only conceive during ovulation.

As far as inexpensive alternatives to help you get pregnant, doctors say both men and women should take a multi-vitamin daily, lay off coffee, and drink more water.

And, women should add more oranges and broccoli to your diet since they contain folic acid and iron.

Some other tips to enhance your chances: Doctors say you should avoid taking baths, since soap is a natural sperm killer and sitting in hot water can kill sperm.

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