Cop in Hot Seat

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It is now up to a judge to decide what will happen to a former Midland City police officer charged with reckless endangerment.

David Baker was arrested a little more than a month ago after he allegedly fired two rounds from a .45-caliber handgun at his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend and his brother. According to testimony it all began when Donald Saucier went to pick up his belongings from his ex girlfriend’s house, Baker just happened to be there.

And reportedly, after a few verbal exchanges between Donald, Baker, and Donald’s brother Craig things turned physical and shots were fired.

Now the question the judge will decide is whether baker was acting in self defense or out of anger. Our cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. But according to testimony, Marcy Kkinner, Donald’s ex, called 911 frantically stating that her boyfriend David Baker, was getting beat up by Donald and his brother Craig.

Baker says he'd asked them to get off the property, but the brothers claim they acted in self defense

"While we were backing out and trying to close the door, Mr. Baker come out and grab me and shove me and then while I was on the phone with the police, him and my brother got into an altercation and I proceeded in and got into the altercation to o and Miss Marcy came out with a .45 calibur and pointed it at us and I told my brother to stop fighting, that she had a gun, Baker said, "shoot em" she wouldn't do it so Baker got up, got the gun and proceeded to fire rounds,” Saucier explains.

Baker claims the shots were to scare the brothers not kill them.

"I just hope the truth comes out...I don't hold any malice or ill will towards Baker or even Mister Saucier,” says Midland City Police Chief, and hearing witness Dexter Hammond.

The brothers, who represented themselves, were cross examined by Defense Attorney Joey Sheffield.

Still, they state that Baker threatened them before the verbal and physical altercation which happened in the front yard of the home.

Donald says after his ex refused to let them inside the home to get the remainder of his belongings, he decided to use his key.

That’s when Baker allegedly cocked his gun and pointed it their way; this eventually led to the shots being fired outside the home.

"If we don't feel we don't get what he deserved we're going to appeal it and go to a higher court," Craig Saucier says.

Witnesses at the scene say both the brothers were beating Baker up.

However, the Saucier brothers say they became physical as a result of Baker's violent actions.

One thing led to another, and now the brothers have been charged with assault, and Baker with reckless endangerment.