New Law Releases Certain Terminally Ill Inmates

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A new law will soon fall into place that will allow certain prisoners to be set free.

Governor Bob Riley approved the law Tuesday, allowing some terminally ill inmates to get out of the state prison system.

However, some families of victims feel the law is going against any justice that may have been served.

It’s been 18 years since Patricia Jones mother was murdered.

And while she thought justice had been served for her mother's death, it may all turn around after a new law implemented by Governor Bob Riley.

"They talking about letting these people come home and die in dignity, by their family, you know. Our victims didn't get to do that,” Jones says. “My mother was murdered in her own home and left to die on the kitchen floor."

Governor Riley approved a new law that will allow certain terminally ill inmates to be released from state prison.

The law is in an effort to save funds that are currently being used to care for the inmates, saving an estimated $8 million dollars each year.

Twentieth Judicial Court Judge Larry Anderson speculates, "My guess is because of the great expense the Department of Corrections or the state has to pay for their medical treatment."

Officials say the bill will not apply to inmates convicted of capital murder, sex crimes or those they feel are a high risk to the public.

But, victims like Jones feel the requirements are too vague. "It references several times in there the age related disease, which to me is too broad because that could be high blood pressure, diabetes; anytime that the state feels like the inmate is too expensive for them to house."

Jones says she feels the bill is disrespectful to her and others who have been victims of crimes.

She knows it won't bring her mom back, but having the killer in jail gives her piece of mind.

The new law is set to go into effect September 1st.

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