PEMCO Gets Southwest Airlines Contract

Pemco Aviation Group
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After losing millions of dollars in business during the first half of this year, and surviving a worker strike that forced them to lock those workers out for months, PEMCO World Air Services seems to be back on its feet.

The new contract given to them by Southwest Airlines will bring in more work and more jobs.

A fleet of commercial 737 jets will soon be calling the wiregrass home, at least for a little while.

Southwest Airlines awarded PEMCO the contract to modify and perform maintenance work on their fleet of 737's.

The new contract comes at a time when PEMCO is in dire need of help.

Earlier this year the company lost its contract with northwest airlines after they filed for bankruptcy, and then workers decided to go on strike forcing PEMCO to lock them out for two months.

To make matters worse, early reports show PEMCO has lost nearly $3 million for most of the 2005 fiscal year.

Now PEMCO is trying to pick itself back up and have a good start in 2006.

Company officials hope their newfound relationship with Southwest Airlines will grow and lead to more work in the future.

The first 737 is scheduled to arrive here in Dothan in late December or early January.