Houston Co. Flu Shots

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The Houston County Health Department held their 3rd flu clinic Wednesday for the general public.

They had a better than expected turnout, since doctors’ offices haven't received their flu shots yet.

One local children's doctor's office expects a shipment of vaccines very soon.

There was a big rush of people to get the shot early at the health department.

By midday, nurses had administered all 400 doses.

Across town at southeastern pediatric associates they are finally expecting their first shipment of vaccines.

They usually get them at the end of September but have been calling the drug makers for the last 2 months to find out where they are and get a different answer every time.

When Dr. Blaxton's office receives the shipment which they expect Wednesday they will call parents so they can finally vaccinate their children.

Blaxton says last time she talked to the drug maker, the reason the vaccines were held up was due to FDA inspections.