Hurricanes Evacuees Housing

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FEMA is increasing pressure on some 53-thousand families left homeless by hurricanes to leave government-paid hotel rooms and find long-term housing.

The agency says it will stop paying hotel bills by the end of the month for most of the families devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, even though housing advocates fear they won't have enough time to find other places.

Most of the people still staying in hotels and motels are in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency had previously set the
December deadline as a goal to have evacuees out of hotels and into
travel trailers, mobile homes or apartments until they find permanent homes.

The Red Cross had not seen details of the FEMA plan announced
yesterday, but spokesman Michael Spencer said "the time has passed
for emergency housing."

Spencer says interim housing is the responsibility of the state and federal government, and "we have to assume they have a plan in place."

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