Level Plains Police Protection

Many Level Plains residents are worried about their protection because of the lack of police protection there.

Two weeks-ago, Mayor Tim Jackson said the city couldn't afford a police force with the council not voting to pay the bills.

The mayor just recently hired a new police chief, but he doesn't have any personnel.

At around 3 o'clock Monday morning, Mrs. Annie Morgan of Level Plains says someone began pounding on her front door. She answered the door and a man demanded to use her bathroom. She along with her husband and four children live along Highway 84 in Level Plains. Fortunately, the man left without incident.

Resident Valerie Brown has also had problems with hitchhikers and other vagrants coming to her door.

Robert Happoldt says Highway 84 has "now" become a speedway between Daleville and Enterprise.

When police will once again walk a beat is not known at this time.

Last week, Dale County Sheriff Bryan Mixon assured residents of Level Plains that his deputies will increase patrols of their neighborhoods.