New Ozark Business

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A company out of Long Island, New York is building a new manufacturing, engineering and training facility in Ozark.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday for Dynalantic Corporation.

The company will be training pilots in cobra simulators. Paul Patin is the owner of Dynalantic who's expanding his 20-year-old New York company to Ozark Alabama.

He chose to build the new 19,000 square foot facility in southeast Alabama because of the opportunities here.

Inside the new facility at Blackwell Airport there will be Cobra Flight and Weapon simulators. The U.S. Army doesn't use cobras anymore, but our Allied Forces do and they will come here to train.

The company will provide 20 jobs at first and then transfer the company's engineering and design operations to the Wiregrass.

The Ozark Aviation College will also benefit from the new facility.

It's a partnership that will make Ozark better and train pilots better in the war on terror.

Ozark mayor Bob Bunting says he's excited that Dynalantic selected Ozark because it's a perfect fit housed next to the aviation campus, Bell helicopter, and Fort Rucker.