Dothan City School Board

Dr. Sam Nichols

The Dothan city schools may soon have a new school superintendent.

Earlier last night board members met to discuss a newly-drafted superintendent's contract.

Dothan city schools have an interim superintendent, but some board members are looking to make him permanent.

For the past couple of months, Dr. Sam Nichols has been negotiating a prospective contract to hold on to his post permanently and now it looks like those negotiations may be over.

A three member committee, made up of school board members, drafted and approved a new contract last week, after negotiating the ins and outs with Dr. Nichols. It only takes four votes to approve that contract.

But before the final approval the board wants to make sure that each member gets a chance to review the contract.

The new contract will include a salary of 131-thousand dollars a year, a health benefit package and a travel allowance of 400-dollars per month.

But one thing Dr. Nichols wanted, but will not get, is a three-thousand dollar discretionary fund to promote the school system.

Marc Nelson, another member of the school board, says he just wants to make sure that Dr. Nichol’s contract goes along the lines of what other superintendent's across the state would get.

When the board meets again, they will vote on whether to approve the new contract .

The school board is scheduled to meet again, next Monday to vote on the new contract.