Floyd Capital Murder Trial

Christopher Floyd in Court

The suspect in a 13-year old capital murder case is back in the courtroom today for opening arguments.

Yesterday, jury selection took place for the trial of 33-year-old Christopher Floyd who's accused of shooting a man during a robbery.

The victim's family wants to see the killer pay.

Christopher Floyd sat emotionless in the courtroom Monday while the jurors who will decide his fate were chosen.

Floyd is accused of killing Archie Crawford during a robbery at Waller’s Grocery Store in February of 1992.

Floyd was already serving a life sentence for a series of property crimes when he was charged with the killing.

A series of statements Floyd made to investigators led to his arrest and Crawford’s daughters want to see the killer pay.

Defense attorneys tried keep audio tapes of the interviews out of evidence last month, but Judge Larry Anderson ruled that the jury will be allowed to hear what Floyd said.

The victim's family just wants to get the trial over with and see their father remembered.

Floyd is facing the death penalty in the case.

Earlier this year, defense lawyers asked to have Floyd tried as a juvenile since he was 19 when the murder happened. But Judge Larry Anderson denied that motion and Floyd is standing trial as an adult.