FDA Says Alabama Tomatoes Safe

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Across Alabama, Georgia and Florida some restaurants have pulled tomatoes off the menu.

It's all in response to a salmonella outbreak in other parts of the country.

So far, there have been 145 reported cases since mid-April, including at least 25 hospitalizations.

The Food and Drug Administration added Alabama to a list of safe states.

The FDA says tomatoes with the vine still attached and homegrown tomatoes are safe.

"Our tomatoes are fine in this area and we don't have a problem with tomatoes it's been a scare for most people thinking that it does affect the wire grass area but it does not and the Slocomb tomato it does not our tomatoes are fine," said Mayor Vickie Moore.

Tomato scare will not affect the upcoming Slocomb tomato festival.

It is set for Saturday, June 21st

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