Houston County Sheriff's Office Gets New Look

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It’s back to the basics.

Now that it's time to replace the Houston County Sheriff's Office uniforms, Sheriff Andy Hughes is going traditional.

"A lot of it has gone through a lot of wear and tear, looking pretty bad," says Captain Tony Gonzalez, with the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

The new uniforms are light brown shirts with brown pants, and the patch on the sleeve shows a more traditional look.

"They are a lot lighter weight than our older uniforms for the summer months. The old uniforms were polyester, so they held in the heat pretty well. Plus, they were easier to damage, especially in active work environments," added Gonzalez.

However, the uniform does more than just keep deputies cool in this heat. It also boosts morale inside the office.

The new colors also go for the training gear; a light brown polo and brown pants.

"It is a subdued color where we blend now into where we work, which is out in the county or the rural areas. We have to do tactical maneuvers in those uniforms and we're subdued in those colors as well," says Gonzalez.

The money for the uniforms was originally approved by the Houston County Commission last October.

The new uniforms will cost about $34,000 dollars, paid for through the sheriff's budget.

The previous green uniforms were in use since 1995.

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