DeLay Indictment

Tom DeLay
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Tom DeLay's lawyers want any documents from a local Texas prosecutor that object to charges leveled against the former House majority leader.

Defense attorneys are hoping internal documents could bolster their argument that the investigation by Democratic District Attorney Ronnie Earle was a partisan witchhunt.

They say Earle is pursuing the case despite opposition from grand juries and claim the charges against DeLay should be dropped. DeLay faces money-laundering and conspiracy charges.

Earle's office didn't comment on Thursday's request.

Judge Pat Priest has scheduled a November 22nd conference with

DeLay was indicted on a conspiracy charge September 28th. A second grand jury considered the case because of legal questions about when the conspiracy law went into effect. That panel returned no indictment. Days later, a third grand jury indicted DeLay on money-laundering charges.