Bush Speech

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President Bush is accusing his Iraq War critics of rewriting history and endangering U-S troops.

In a Veterans Day speech at an Army depot in Pennsylvania, the
president said Democrats and other critics who claim he manipulated
pre-war intelligence to justify war are flinging "false charges."

He called them "baseless attacks" -- and said they send the wrong signal to U-S troops in Iraq, as well as an enemy bent on shaking America's will.

With recent polls showing a majority thinking the Iraq conflict was a mistake, Bush counter-attacked against critics who charge he misled the nation about Iraqi weapons programs.

Bush noted most lawmakers saw the same intelligence he did -- and voted for war. And other governments, plus the Clinton administration, considered Saddam Hussein a threat.

Bush says it's legitimate to criticize his conduct of the war, but it's -- quoting here -- "deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began."