Dogs Airlifted to Ohio

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The Wiregrass Humane Society and the Dothan Animal Shelter has welcomed some 600 animals who lost their homes and owners during the hurricanes.

Friday morning, dozens of animals were airlifted to Ohio to find foster homes.

The move will give Dothan extra space for more animals. In the early chilly morning hours, probably before you were even awake, seven big hearted volunteers helped load dogs and cats into carriers.

Some of the dogs didn't want to go, and some of the furry friends didn't go without saying their final goodbyes.

After the animals were all loaded at the humane society, they were trailered to the airport and unloaded again.

Jennifer Heidrich donated her horse trailer for transportation.

Once all the animals arrived, they were loaded into their chartered plain.

And if you think they don't like the airplane ride, think again.

Then, when the adorable creatures wake up they'll be in Toledo Ohio, soon in the arms of a new owner.

This is the sixth airlift for the American Kennel Club in the United States.