Level Plains Vote To Pay Bills

Concerned Citizens Of Level Plains

Last night Level Plains Mayor Tim Jackson and council members met to discuss unfinished business and despite a few angry citizens, the problem seems to be solved.

One resident of Level Plains attending the public council meeting was angry that there is no police department to protect them.

Last month, the Level Plains Police Department was disbanded because of the town's inability to provide officers with money for gas. To make matters worst, the town was also neglecting to pay utility bills including the electricity.

During the meeting the council voted to move on and get those bills paid.

But residents and council members like Mr. Willie Reynolds’s are still upset and say the problem with the unpaid bills should never have been a problem at all.

They say the council never had to vote to pay utility bills and that the town clerk, Pat Wamball's, was never able to pay them because the mayor kept her from doing her job.

The mayor who sat next to Wamball’s at the meeting, said he is doing everything he can for the town.

Residents on the other hand are still unhappy and are accusing the mayor of antagonizing them and trying to run things the way he wants despite their concerns.

There is still no word as to if or when the Level Plains Police Department will be reinstated.