Washington Drug Arrests

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Washington County officials announced they have put a huge dent in the drug trade.

So far this year, they have arrested 70 people for selling illegal drugs in the community.

Sheila Fisher works with plants and petals at "unique flowers and gifts" in Chipley and calls Chipley home.

She loves the people and the town, except for one thing, the drugs.

Sheriff Bobby haddock says crack cocaine is the major problem in Washington County.

That's why he and Florida officials have spent his first year in office getting the big dealers off the street.

One third of the dealers arrested are major dealers in the panhandle and other parts of Florida.

And there are four federal indictments.

The arrests are good news for residents and workers like Sheila who want a safe place to live and work.

All 70 people in the 145 cases have charges pending or warrants obtained for possession and sells of drugs.

Sheriff haddock says state funding has helped pay for the drug task force that's helped put these offenders behind bars.