Level Plains Update

The controversy in Level Plains continues because a deadlocked city council refuses to get along and get business done.

The city council has been divided for months now, and citizens of Level Plains are now finding themselves lacking essential services, and may soon be losing even more.

It may look like a small protest, but these demonstrators have a big message that they want to make loud and clear. They say they want their town back and Mayor Tim
Jackson -- out.

Just yesterday the mayor disbanded the Level Plains Police Department because of the town's inability to pay for gas for the patrol cars.

Earlier yesterday morning he had a little run in with his constituents.

Now the Dale County Sheriff's Office is being forced to jump in and help out with the now non-existent law enforcement.

The citizen's of Level Plains may soon also lose their water, and if that goes the fire department may very well become useless as well. And that’s because the town is refusing to pay its bills.

The bills have been brought up in the last two council meetings, but three of the five council members are refusing to vote in favor of paying it, because of their feud with the mayor and Councilman Joe Bruer.

District Attorney Kirk Adams says “that regardless of the problems, the town should still pay its bills.”

And that's not all, Level Plains now has two town clerks. One of them, Pat Wamballs, was fired early last month but then reinstated after it was determined that there was no just cause to fire her. The other clerk was brought in to replace Wamballs and was never let go.

Now there are two clerks’ getting paid by a town that claims it doesn't have enough money to fund its police force.

Residents say Pat Wamballs is stationed in an empty room, and not being allowed to do her job.

District Attorney Kirk Adams says his office is very concerned with what is going in Level Plains, but that unless a crime is committed, his office cannot get involved.

The next scheduled council meeting is not until next month.