Ozark Standoff

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Police spent all night Wednesday night trying to get an armed man out of his Ozark home.

The neighbors say this was bound to happen. Residents of Ben Street in Ozark say this is usually a quiet neighborhood across from the old east gate middle school except for house 391.

Neighbors say James Bright has been known to egg his neighbor’s house and scream and yell at the neighbors.

But Wednesday night Louis and Anna Guzman's daughter was outside their house next door to bright.

Louis says James pointed a gun at their 17-year-old daughter. Theresa Hickman has lived two doors down from James for 25 years.

She took him to court once for screaming obscenities at her family.

She's not surprised about the standoff.

Kathleena smith lives on the same street five doors down and has two small children.

She's had her share of experiences with James.

He neighbors hope now that James is in custody he can get professional help.

Officials say they had to use tear gas to get bright out of the house.

He is charged with attempted first degree assault. Luckily no one was hurt in the eight-hour standoff.