Kinston Fire Investigation

Alabama State Fire Marshals have identified the cause of a fatal fire in Kinston on Jan. 18.

The fire claimed the life of 18-month-old D. J. Wise and injured his five-year-old sister and three-year-old brother.

Investigators have determined the fire happened while the three-year-old was playing with a cigarette lighter and set fire to a piece of paper which flamed up. His sister threw a blanket over the burning paper.

The two children hid under a bed where they were later rescued.

The 16-year-old babysitter was able to rescue the girl by breaking a window and pulling her out from underneath the bed.

A Kinston volunteer fireman was able to rescue the three-year-old boy from beneath the same bed by pulling him through the same window.

Rescuers were unable to reach the toddler who was in a different room.