FEMA Disaster Response Team in Troy

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a disaster recovery center in Troy.

They are giving Hurricane Katrina evacuees one on one help.

Many residents are finding jobs, but officials say others are milking the system.

Mona Patterson is washing dishes in her new trailer at Swindell RV Park.

She has filled out paperwork with FEMA about a grant for money to replace things after Mother Nature washed away her home in East Saint Bay Mississippi.

Mona's husband Wesley is a mechanic and was able to get a job at a local car shop.

He is so grateful for what FEMA has done for him and that he was able to find a job.

Officials say others at Swindell's are taking advantage of the system.

They aren't going out and finding jobs and just eating off local donations.

Mona and Wesley are about to have a baby, too. And even though they don't have much they are appreciative of what they do have.

There are still 80 families at Swidell's RV Park, and many more still homeless in our area.

There are many employers that are willing to hire the evacuees.

If you’re an evacuee and need a job, contact Pike County Economic Development at 334-670-2272.