Coffee County Fatal Accident

Fatal Accident

A one vehicle accident in Coffee County resulted in the deaths of two Wiregrass teenagers.

17-year-old Stacy Powell and 15-year-old Jessica Seay were thrown from a pick-up truck after crashing through a house.

Duran Sherrer looks at what's left of his home shortly after an F150 Ford pick-up truck drove through a bedroom. The couple along with their two teenage children live along Coffee County Road 665, several miles outside of Coffee Springs. They were not at home when the accident happened.

The crash killed the driver, 17-year-old Stacy Powell, a senior at Enterprise High School and his girlfriend, 15-year-old Jessica Seay, a tenth-grader at Geneva High School. Each victim had been thrown from the vehicle.

The Sherrer family was at church at the time of the accident. Their pastor arrived at the home shortly after the tragedy. Fellow students and others would also arrive.

The two victims had been dating for several months. Friends say she may have been trying to make it home for her eight o'clock curfew when Powell lost control of his vehicle.

The Alabama Highway Patrol is investigating the fatal accident.

Stacy Powell and Jessica Seay are the fifth and sixth persons to die this year on Coffee County roadways.