Ozark Man Found

Andrew Collazo's body was found over the weekend in Ozark, two weeks after he disappeared and his car was found burned in Barbour County.

Elitha Collazo cried with her friends outside the Ozark Police Station Monday waiting for details about her husband’s death.

Saturday morning ended two weeks of agony wondering where her husband had
disappeared to or if he was alive.

She got home from Mobile two weeks ago and found her husband’s cigarettes and cell phone on the floor and the table pushed against the wall and reported him missing.

Then this Saturday a man mowing grass stumbled upon his body on Harris Road.

Officials say Collazo's body had been on Harris Road for a while, but they're not saying how he died.

They don't have a solid suspect yet, but there is hope.

We have three leads and we have a good lead

They aren't sure where the lead might take them, but Mrs. Collazo is just relieved she knows her husband isn't suffering anymore.

Mrs. Collazo and officials believe Andy knew his killer.

Ozark officials say this is the third homicide in Ozark this year.

If you were on Harris Road October 16th and saw anything suspicious, call Ozark Police at 334-774-2644.