1929 Ford Tri-Motor is Visiting Dothan

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The Wiregrass has a chance to fly in the the first commercial passenger plane.

It is a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor and its still flying.

The Experimental Aircraft Association brought the plane to Dothan.

The organization's goal is to inspire people to get involved in aviation.
People can see the plane for free but riding in one will cost you.
The pilot of the plane says this 85 year old plane is safer than most modern aircrafts.

"There has never been a structural failure of a Ford Tri-Motor in history there has never been a structural failure that has caused any damage on a Tri-Motor so that's something to say including the first ones in 1926 so they were very very well built," said Ed Hursh, pilot.

The plane will be at the Dothan Regional Airport until Sunday.

Tickets for a ride on the plane can be purchased at www.flytheford.org for $70 or at the gate for $75.

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