Government Corruption

Don Siegelman
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A federal grand jury has indicted former Governor Don Siegelman and three others on charges in a "widespread racketeering conspiracy" that included bribery and extortion.

Federal prosecutors made the announcement yesterday afternoon, saying Siegelman and former chief of staff Paul Hamrick violated racketeering laws during his term from 1999 to 2003.

The indictment alleges among other charges that then-HealthSouth
chief Richard Scrushy made disguised payments totaling $500,000 to
Siegelman to get appointed to a key state hospital regulatory board.

Former state Transportation Director Gary Mack Roberts also was
charged with mail and wire fraud for his alleged role influencing agency actions on behalf of Siegelman.

The announcement was made simultaneously in Montgomery and Washington.

Siegelman has called the long-running grand jury probe a political witch hunt by Republican prosecutors trying to derail his current Democratic campaign for a second term.