More Money for Dothan City Schools

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Dothan city schools could receive more state funding if Hurricane Katrina evacuees move permanently to our area and keep their children enrolled in public school.

Landmark Elementary has a little more than 300 students.

Aside from being in this fairly new facility, Principal Willie Brown says several children displaced by Hurricane Katrina are enrolled there.

Brown says, "The teachers and some of our parents donated some money and we were able to provide a gift certificate to Wal-Mart."

Three of the 25 evacuees at Landmark Elementary have now gone home. In the city of Dothan, 45 of the 84 student evacuees have also gone home, but even though they aren't here, the city schools still receive state help.

Interim-Supt. Dr. Sam Nichols says, "They were here for a 40 day county and the state does a calculation on how much money we'll draw from the state based ADM."

ADM is what the state uses to determine the amount of teachers a school system may hire, and how it will fund each school system.

In fiscal year 2006 the state Department of Education will have nearly $40 million to give out, a little more than $6.3 million of that was reserved for Dothan City Schools, the year before the state had less money.

A little more than $38 million, $5.7 million of that was reserved locally. However, we could be in line for more federal funding.

Nichols says, "Our state superintendent has requested additional money to help school systems that have been impacted by the number of evacuees moving in.”

A fact Willie Brown says he appreciates, "Right, now we're running low on text books and supplies and any help we can get from the state or the federal government will be a plus for us."