From Interim-Superintendent to Permanent Superintendent

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The salary structure for Dr. Nichols' proposed contract can be confusing.

The proposed total package is more than $172,000, which includes bonuses, state-paid taxes, insurance, and retirement. But that's not how much Nichols could be taking home.

On Tuesday, a Dothan City Schools Board Committee discussed a permanent contract for interim-school Supt. Dr. Sam Nichols.

Dothan's City Schools Attorney Jere Segrest says, "The annual payment of 172,588.94. Could that be reduced, I asked him that very question and he stated that it’s not a bargaining position because that's what he expects."

Recently, educators around the state received a six percent pay raise.

That brought Nichols salary as interim-Supt. to $131,000.

So why would he want a more than $40,000 a year increase?

Board and Committee Member Gayla White says, "You've still got to back out the insurance costs that we're not paying that we paid in the previous amount you have the retirement package that mandated and if you look throughout the state you have a salary, you have a travel package, then you have administrative costs, what has happened it has the state, travel, and administrative cost on a separate sheet. We're also adding the retirement package, which is $9,000 and insurance which is $8,000."

What the committee is trying to avoid is a repeat of the situation like that with former schools Supt. Dr. Leon Hobbs.

The board was forced to buyout his contract for $500,000 because of Hobb's contract extension clause.

There is no such language in the proposed contract for Nichols.

What that means is the board would only have to pay Nichols severance pay for 30 days after he quits or is let go by the board, should that happen.

The committee will meet again to discuss the changes before they present them to the board, and by December Nichols could be permanent.

The position is only one of a few that didn't need a two week advertisement.