Coffee County Jury Scam

Coffee County’s circuit clerk of the courts is asking residents to "beware".

There’s a phone scam which can lead to identity theft.

The scam reportedly involves a call from someone who says he or she is from the court system.

Circuit Clerk Mickey Counts says he's trying to let people know about it.

The victim may or may not have actually had jury duty, or even received a summons for jury duty.

Counts say the caller will ask the person for information to complete their record.
The request is usually made for the victim's social security number, drivers' license number and possible credit card numbers.

Counts say he first learned about the scam through an e-mail issued by the Better Business Bureau.

If you are from Coffee County and have gotten a similar call regarding jury duty, you can contact Mr. Counts during normal business hours. The Enterprise number is 347-2519 and the Elba office number is 897-2954.