Sky High Gas Prices

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Gas prices are sky high in many cities across the nation.

Some gas stations are 30 cents more a gallon than others. Even though you can't see the full price, Taylor’s gas station on Third Avenue is selling gas for $3.19 a gallon.

A few blocks down on the corner of Alexander Drive and East Selma Street a BP gas station is just as expensive.

Taylor's manager Devander Singh wouldn't go on camera but says the price he pays from AW Herndon is just as expensive so he passes it on to the customer.

BP's manager wouldn't talk publicly but says his prices are high because he has premium gas and his tanks are smaller than a tanker load so he's charged extra.

But across town, Cowboys on Ross Clark Circle and Headland Avenue is 30 cents cheaper.

Because of the cheaper prices, Cowboys runs out of gas daily.

But customers keep coming to Cowboys looking for lower receipts.

As for the more expensive stations, BP manager said he's probably going to lower his gas to $3.09.