Level Plains Councilman and Mayor

Former Level Plains Officer RC Covington

The mayor of Level Plains is in hot water again after one of his former police officers requested a warrant for his arrest, along with another councilman.

Emotions at a Level Plains Town Council Meeting erupted Tuesday night after a woman and her daughter addressed the council recounting an incident early Saturday morning in which the 20-year-old was detained for underage drinking. They were at town hall to defend R. C. Covington, the officer at the scene.

Covington says he pulled over a car with three young people inside and he concluded the girl in the backseat was drinking. He says he drove her to the police station, where he was going to call her parents to pick her up, but he says Councilman Joe Bruer showed up.

Bruer’s son was a passenger in the car and Covington thinks that’s how the councilman learned of the incident. But he says, it got even worse after that.

And that’s why Covington came back to Level Plains Wednesday, to request arrest warrants for both Bruer and Mayor Tim Jackson, who Covington says was also involved.

Covington says he told both men that night they were under arrest, but both resisted. He quit after the scuffle. He was with Level Plains police for only a month.

Mayor Jackson won't comment on the events of that night, he was removed from the Magistrate's Office while Covington was filling out his deposition.

Magistrate Marsha Neagley said she'll wait until early next week before deciding whether or not to issue the warrants, in order to conduct some interviews.

This is not the first time a police officer has left the Level Plains force after a controversial incident with the mayor.

Robert Fulton turned in his badge after the mayor allegedly ordered him to give an Enterprise man a traffic citation.