Coffee County Anti Drug Program

Inmates Attend Coffee County Anti Drug Program

Several Coffee County correctional officers believe prison is not always the answer when it comes to substance abuse crimes.

The sheriff's department has initiated a unique anti-drug program over the last few months.

The inmates go through an intensive three-week counseling session to help them kick the habit.

More than one-dozen inmates at the Coffee County Jail with substance abuse addiction, several are addicted to crack cocaine while others have been arrested on charges stemming from crystal-meth.

Enterprise resident Steven Turner has recently been sentenced to 15 years in state prison for meth possession and manufacture charges. Turner says all his so-called meth buddies' disappeared after his arrest and he realized that family and faith are what's most mportant.

A Dothan resident tells a similar tale of how drugs led to problems throughout his life.
He hopes the anti-drug course will help give him a new start once he's out of jail.

Chris Hutton Anti Drug Graduate says “it's effective, it teaches you what you are doing to your body and it's a program that doesn't get involved in being the program itself.”

Longtime Enterprise defense lawyer, Paul Young, says something must be done to break the vicious cycle, it's a revolving door throughout the criminal justice system. He says “Most of these fellas can not afford the cost of treatment facilities. It's about the only way to try and get them off the vicious cycle.

This is the second graduating class from the anti-drug program offered at the Coffee County Jail.

Organizers say if at least one life is "turned around", then it was well worth the effort.