Dothan City Schools Tutoring

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Five schools in the Dothan City School System are not meeting national education standards, that's according to the latest improvement list.

And under the No Child Left Behind Act, children at these schools can change schools within the system or apply for outside tutoring services.

But these options are not available for everyone. Three of the four middle schools in the Dothan City School System are below the national standard.

Now, some of the children who attend these schools can sign up for tutoring services that the federal government will pay for.

The problem is, few people know about it.

This year, Beverlye, Girard and Honeysuckle middle schools are on the list of falling below the national education standard.

And since Carver Magnet School is the only middle school in the system that meets the requirements, the only other improvement option for students is "supplemental education services,” similar to tutoring.

But some are saying the word is not getting to parents.

Rob Day, of the Wiregrass Boys & Girls Club says, "I talk to these parents every day and none of them had a clue on what was going on, what are you talking about? We didn't know this was available. They don't know if they're eligible, they don't know if they can take advantage of it."

A fair was held Sept. 22 at Beveryle Middle School, where about five different after school and tutoring programs were there to talk to students and parents.

Only about five families showed up.

Lance Wave, of the Wiregrass Boys & Girls Club says, "I don't believe that a true concerted effort has been made to contact the parents and say 'listen, your child goes to our school, our school did not meet the requirements. Here are some people who can help you help your children reach those requirements.' And I don't think that's been done."

The federal government will give these schools in need about $1,100 per student to take advantage of the SES programs.

The deadline to apply for these programs is Friday.

And now some people are afraid it's too late, that parents don't have enough time to make an informed decision. And they're worried few students will apply for the SES programs, that will send the money that was supposed to use for tutoring back to the individual schools.

Supt. of the Dothan City Schools, Dr. Sam Nichols says, "It would go back to the school system and be re-allocated to be used in a different way."

The top of the school board's list is additional tutors and instructional materials.

The deadline to apply for these programs will not be extended, so to apply, stop by your child's school office by Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Faine Elementary School is the other Dothan City School on the improvement list.

Houston County schools on the list are Cottonwood High and Rehobeth Elementary.