Former Alabama Chief Justice Running for Governor

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Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was in Dothan Tuesday, to start his campaign for governor.

Moore was removed from his position after refusing to "remove" a 10 Commandment monument from his courtroom.

In his speech, Moore stated his platform is "Returning Alabama to the People."

He believes this can be done through legislative reform on term limits, a bi-annual legislative session, and preventing elected officials in government from serving in two states.

But Moore says he won't stray from what got him ousted in the first place.

"I will defend the right of every Alabamian. Whether it be a teacher, a coach, a judge, state county, or municipal official to acknowledge God as the Sovereign source of law, liberty and government."

Moore's candidacy could set up a showdown with Gov. Bob Riley, a fellow Republican.

Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley and former Gov. Don Siegelman are running on the Democratic ticket.

The primaries are in June of 2006.