Riley's Platform

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Governmental Operations

  • Pass a constitutional amendment requiring all state contracts above $2500 to be bid competitively.

  • Limit unbid emergency contracts to only one month and allow a special legislative committee to approve or reject them.

  • Require lobbyists who seek to influence the governor's office or state agencies to register with the State Ethics Commission like those who seek to influence the Legislature.

  • Require lobbyists to start disclosing every dime they spend entertaining elected or appointed public officials.

  • Ban "pass-through pork," which is money for a legislator's special project that is hidden within an agency's budget.

  • Require public officials to file more detailed financial disclosure statements and post them on the Internet so any citizen can see them without driving to Montgomery.


  • Don't rewrite the whole state constitution with a constitutional convention. Instead, create the Alabama Citizens' Constitution Commission to recommend selected changes in the constitution. The changes would have to be approved by the Legislature and Alabama voters.

  • Provide opportunities for counties to have limited home rule, but require a public referendum to raise any tax.

  • Look at unearmarking tax dollars that are set aside for specific functions of state government other than education.

  • Give the governor line-item veto power in the state budgets to eliminate frivolous projects.


  • Create the Governor's Commission on Education Spending to look at how education dollars have been spent.

  • Base state budgets on the amount of money taken in last year, not on revenue forecasts.

  • Allow the creation of charter schools in Alabama.

  • Increase parental involvement in schools by requiring a parent or adult family member to pick up a child's report card in person each semester.


  • Institute truth in sentencing and make sure similar crimes receive similar sentences, regardless of a defendant's race, income or position.

  • Pass a law to provide tough penalties on companies and their officers when they mislead the public about their financial condition.

  • Look at paying other states to house Alabama prisoners.


  • Require voters to show a photo ID at the polls or sign an affidavit swearing to their identity.

  • Require absentee voters to provide the last four digits of their Social Security number for identification.

  • Require campaign workers to stand 200 feet from a polling place instead of 30 feet.


  • Create the Alabama Transportation Commission to prioritize highway planning and approve the budget for the state transportation department, rather than having the department completely under the governor's control.

  • Start bidding contracts for consultant engineers.