Dothan Leash Laws Ordinance

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Dothan residents are one step closer to having new requirements for pet owners in the city.

The Animal Control Ordinance Committee is set to approve several mandates for pet owners.

The committee has been mulling over proposals for the control of the city's pets.

Monday night, they expect their changes to pass a committee vote so the ordinance can be presented to the city commission for a final decision.

The document is lengthy and it has many revisions, but Dothan’s new animal ordinance is ready for a vote by the Animal Ordinance Committee.

The most notable items are laws governing annual registration of pets, spay and neutering requirements, and dangerous dog guidelines.

Owners would be required to pay $10 dollars for neutered and spayed dogs and cats, $30 dollars for non-neutered dogs and cats, $250 dollars for dangerous dogs and $2 dollars for all other pets.

Dothan City Commissioner John Craig said, “[We looked at] various ordinances from around the country and we took what we thought was a fair price for what [had] to be done.”

A major reason for registration is to ensure all dogs and cats are vaccinated for rabies. It would also help the city monitor spaying and neutering practices.

Craig says it costs the city around $25,000 a week to handle stray animals and he's hoping that the new regulations will help cut costs as well as reduce strays. “We would appreciate all the people of the city, both animal owners and non animal owners to approach this thing with a fair and open mind and let emotion stay on a clam level,” he added.

The informational meeting is open to the public; however, no more changes will be accepted at this time.

Any future changes will have to go through an amendment process. Anyone unhappy with any of the proposed regulations should contact their city commissioner.

Craig says that the point of registration has not been determined yet. They may look to local veterinarians to help with the process of gathering information.

Animal Control Ordinance Draft 1

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