Drug Bust

Authorities are calling it the largest drug operation in the Wiregrass.

Ozark police and state officials uncover a six month operation drug ring.

According to Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey, the drug dealers dealt openly night-or-day, on street corners, near houses, with no regard who saw them. But that non-chalant attitude is what got them caught.

Chief Spivey said “We had complaints from residents in various neighborhoods, and the narcotics division began surveillance at various residents.”

And that surveillance led Ozark Police to join with the Wiregrass Violent Drug Task Force and the Alabama Department of Public Safety in what they called, "Operation Crackdown”.

An 85 member operation with high tech surveillance cameras, and audio equipment both on the ground, and in the air. Four tactical teams charged in on the suspects Wednesday morning with search warrants where they found weapons and drugs.

They’ve all been charged with distribution of controlled substances, whether it be crack cocaine or marijuana

Dale County District Attorney Kirk Adams says “Each of them face a minimum of 12 years and that's 220 for a Class B Felony but it’s enhanced because they were in or near houses.”

Chief Spivey says he's unaware of the dollar amount of drugs confiscated, or if the drugs were sold outside Ozark’s city limits.

There are still suspects on the run.

If you see William McLeod, Deon-Dra Ferebee or Shelton Andrews, call the Ozark Police Department at 774-5111, or Dale County Crime Stoppers at 774-9999.