Bigger, Better Fort Rucker Housing

Fort Rucker Housing Construction
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Courtesy of Picerne Military Housing, and through a 50 year contract, Fort Rucker will get new houses, new renovations, and a whole lot of work for area residents

After 50 years at Fort Rucker, it’s time for a change on the military post, a change that will put families on post in either bigger, better, or newer housing.

But this is not a new task for Picern Military Housing. In fact, the company has already been contracted to renovate four more military installations. What is new however, is the job opportunities that the renovating and construction will bring. Picerne will soon be holding a job fair for the permanent positions they are looking to fill

The job fair isn't open to everyone. Currently Picerne is conducting phone interviews and screenings. If a candidate meets the job criteria, then they're invited to the job fair which will be held on December 6.

Picerne is looking to hire 65 permanent employees, and several hundred sub contractors. All positions are expected to be filled by April 1, 2006.

The renovations and construction, however, won't begin until the end of next year. That first phase will cost $155 million.

For more information you can call 503-3600.