Credit Card Thefts

Houston County Sheriff's Department officials say breaking into vehicles and stealing credit cards is becoming a “chronic" problem in the area. It is now so common, they say, that there are reports of at least one case every weekend. Officials are following solid leads now, and are tracking one suspect in a recent case. That incident involves a man who allegedly broke into a car and took the belongings inside.

Houston County sheriff’s deputies say on August 12th, in Bay Springs, two vehicles were broken into, and the credit cards inside were stolen. They say their main suspect showed up on surveillance video just one day later, trying to make a purchase at a grocery store. Authorities say this happens quite often. Don McMullon, Commander of the Houston County Sheriff’s Department, says, “Breaking and entering of automobiles is a constant problem. Sheriff Glover is constantly reminding people to secure their vehicles when they leave them parked or unattended.”

In the Bay Springs case, investigators have discovered the suspect was driving a white 2003 or 2004 Honda Accord. The suspect made two purchases at a gas station on August 14th, then headed to a Winn-Dixie grocery store. However, all three credit cards he tried to use were declined.

The suspect is a white male who appears to be 20 to 25 years old, about six feet tall, with a closely shaved haircut and a goatee. Anyone with information in this case should call Crime Stoppers at (334) 793-7000.