Geneva Community "Little Dodge City"

Residents of a Geneva housing project say it's not unusual to hear the explosion of gunfire in the middle of the night.

Officials are cracking down on the violence at the Riverside Subdivision.

Sharon Singleton lives across the street from the Riverside Housing Project. During the day, she says everything is calm. But at night, it becomes "Little Dodge City”, that's when drug dealers and gunslingers come out of the woodwork.

Geneva Police say problems at Riverside is nothing new. Over the years, dozens of drug arrests have been made. With one or more persons shooting, it may just be a matter of time before an innocent child or elderly person is struck down.

Geneva Police Sergeant Ricky Morgan says “it seems at night when there's chaos out there. We also say they have an idea of who's shooting but, we have to catch them and get cooperation from the community.”

Folks are upset about the drugs and shootings but, many are afraid to appear on camera. fearful of retaliation.

Authorities say they'll continue to do both uniform and undercover operations in the neighborhood. Police say their mission is to clean-up the Riverside Housing Project.

It’s not just Geneva, authorities say any Wiregrass city has similar problems with drug related problems at its low-income housing projects.