$6 Million Dollars for New Ozark Aviation Facility

Ozark Aviation Campus Groundbreaking
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The Enterprise-Ozark Community College's Aviation Campus is on the brink of another capital improvement.

Construction will soon begin on a new $6 million facility there.

It may be undeveloped now, but next month it will be on its way to becoming more than 65,000 square feet of aviation training.

"I'm as excited about this as just about anything that we've ever done in a long time. Because before this class of students gets out, they are going to experience what excellence is all about,” Alabama Gov. Bob Riley says of the move.

The new aviation training facility will have two levels and, among other things, will house more than 10 classrooms, several offices, three computer labs, and a repair shop.

Next in line, upgrades on all other buildings on campus.

"We have a facility master plan," says the colleges President Dr. Stafford Thompson, “And in that master plan we have put upgrades on every facility that we have on this campus"

Ty Jackson will be graduating a semester "before" the project is finished.

"I wish we could of had it before but we make everything work here, we deal with what we've got,” says Jackson.

Since 1970, the number of aircraft companies in Alabama has increased 119 percent. To date, that same industry has brought 140,000 jobs, and $6.1 billion.

"In conjunction with our federal partners and the city of Ozark we have put all the pieces of a beautiful mosaic picture and it's working construction on the new aviation facility is scheduled for completion in April, 2007,” adds Riley.

And that's not all that's planned.

The aviation campus will start offering a simulator technology program in the spring of 2008.