Ashford Student Brings Gun to School

A gun was taken from a teen-ager at Ashford High School on Wednesday. The student now faces criminal charges, as well as disciplinary action.

School officials said on Tuesday, the 15-year-old male told other students he intended to bring the gun to school. The students told their parents, who notified authorities and school officials.

Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover said the teen-ager was brought to the high school office when he arrived on campus Wednesday morning. Ashford police and Houston County deputies confiscated a seven-shot, .32 revolver without incident. The gun was not loaded, but the student was carrying seven rounds of ammunition.

Investigators said the gun was allegedly taken from a relative of the teen-ager. The sheriff said the relative was apparently unaware the gun had been taken.

Glover said the student claimed he was carrying the gun for protection after another student threatened him. School officials, meanwhile, said the teen has been in trouble before, but nothing this serious.

The student could also face up to 10 years in prison for carrying a concealed weapon and bringing the gun on campus. The teen was sent to the Southeast Alabama Diversion Center in Dothan.